Our services are straight forward...

With just one individual running the show, you can only have just a handful of services and we focus solely on one

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User Interface & Experience Design

From concept to finished design, our user interfaces and experiences combine both functionality and visual style that contributes to a seamless user interaction and experience.

Projects that we've had a hand in...

Each project is different and has it's own way of standing out, and we always try to bring out the best in each one

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Our approach and process for each project...

Although simple, our process focuses on the purpose of your product and how we can deliver a design and experience that is effective

1. Discussion

We talk through your project and establish your wants and requirements.

2. ADS & Brainstorm

A key part of the process that lays the foundation for your entire project.

3. Sketch & Wireframe

Sketches of key elements, interactions and layout are created, then we start wireframing into hi-fidelity comps.

4. Prototype

We develop and create a full experience of how the app will function from the user opening the app, to closing it.

5. Approval

The most important part of the process, an approval signature of the prototype is required to move forward.

6. Finalize

Your app is given life, through use of color and style and finalized and is delivered to you for completion.

About Us

Trust us, it's not that long, just something brief and to the point

Located just fifteen minutes from downtown Atlanta, Georgia, MiParUI Designs LLC is a home based, single man operation focused on delivering the best user interfaces and experiences. We deliver quality over quantity, which means we take pride in our creative process and the time that is invested in each project we acquire. We don't take on as many projects just to make a buck. Rather we prefer to invest the time needed in order to push out designs that we are proud of and that our clients can appreciate. We gladly welcome the opportunity to work with developers, start-ups, small businesses as a freelance or contract UI/UX designer.

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If you're interested in working with us or just want to stop by and say hello.

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